AOKi Noe Catalogue

A sculptor Aoki Noe has been extensively exhibiting works since 1980's.
Gallery Hashimoto published this 192page All Color catalogue which includes Aoki's works from 1995 to 2014;
exhibitions, projects, commissioned works and photos taken by the artist herself.

JPY3,780(tax included)

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TSUGAMI Miyuki Catalogue
<Four Series Called“View” Tsugami Miyuki 2005-2012>

TSUGAMI Miyuki's newly published book is now available.
This includes her 4series produced after receiveing VOCA prize.
texts by NAKAI Yasuyuki,the chief curator of The National Museum of Art.
and MATSUURA Yataro, the chief editor of “KURASHINOTECHO”.

color 120pages.
A hardcover with her hand-coloured print limited 30 editions   SOLD OUT
A hardcover 120 limited editions. JPY7,560(tax included)
A softcover in English or Japanese JPY3,456(tax included)

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OGAWA Machiko new catalogue

"Machiko Ogawa-Archetypal Vessels 14new works and 5 installation" is now published.
It consists of 24 A4cards, 8 double-page photo spreads and black&white thin papers of the details of works. It also contains English text by AMANO Kazuo, the chief curator of Toyota Municipal Museum of Art.
JPY2,800(tax included)

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<Falling Water> B4 64pages

paperback JPY3,240(tax included) 1,000 limited copies
hardcover JPY6,480(tax included) 50 limited copies
hardcover with B4 print signed and numbered JPY32,400(tax included) 50 limited copies
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<Embracing Lights:iron>
color 160pages
texts,biography in English&Japanese
(texts by Tatehata Akira, Hyeonjoon Kim, Higuchi Masaki)

This catalogue is published to commemorate Aoki's large exhibition in Heyri Art Valley in KOREA.
It includes all the works since the solo exhibition in 2000 at Meguro Museum as well as several her early representative works.
All of her prints, new collage and drawings are also included. This catalogue is essential to get to know AOKI NOE.